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Hello World!
You just found the headquarters of the BCIT Game Development Club!
Our club is, as you might have guessed; a club run by students at BCIT that develops games. The goal of our club is to provide resources, experience, and a collaborative environment for anyone interested in game development. And, of course, to have fun while doing it!

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What we do

To enrich our members experience we plan various activities such as...

  • Discussion or news about recent games and/or it's development!
  • Play "analyze" games!
  • Co-opetition between club members! (like sprite art contests)
  • Mini-workshops on topics such as Unity basics or tricks, Git tutorials and more!

Our most notable club activity is our mini game jam sessions. At these mini-game jam sessions the execs of the club provide one theme (or more) for their game and everyone works on it at the meeting. These mini-jams last for about 4 weeks to an entire semester depending on the difficulty of the theme. At the end of it we hold party in the form of a showcase, where we show off our creations within the club or to the public!

Meet our execs!


Eiko Takeoka

Class: President

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"Madam President", otherwise known as "Eiko". She is slowly making her way to BCITs BTech program so she still lacks the knowledge and experience in terms of game development but somehow obtained the title of "el presedente." She may not be able to help you with any development questions, but she has passion for games and development more than anyone! "Got a programming question? No problem!--I will help you find someone who can help!" xD


Farga Krishnanta

Class: Vice President - Internal Relations

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Our resident programmer, Vice President - Internal Relations and troll: Farga. A graduate from B-Tech program at BCIT, he has accomplished many feats such as: participating in multiple Game Jams, developed a multiplayer VR game and have just recently released an app game. If you have any programming or game developing questions, he is your guy!

don't ask...

George Padua

Class: Vice President - External Relations

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By day he is the clubs other programming expert, and by the...latter half of the day he is our Vice President - External Relations! Just like Farga, George is a fellow graduate from the B-Tech program and he also participated in game jams, developed a multiplayer VR game and release an app game. Together, George and Farga complete the Dynamic Duo (temp) aka, two of the founders of RaccooPack games!

Meeting information

Like what you see? Don't know what to think about us? Well come on down anyways! Visitors are always welcome!

  • Meeting Location:
  • At the BCIT Burnaby Campus
  • Building SE 12
  • Room 324
  • Meeting Time:
  • 3:00PM-5:00PM
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